Don’t let a red door
stand between you
and meeting energy-
efficiency standards

Residential construction is growing as much as it’s changing. New homebuyers expect a new house to look good and to be built for long-term performance and energy efficiency. In addition, more states are adopting stricter air-sealing requirements. EnergyComplete® Sealant is your way to meet these changing codes and demands — today and in the future.

  • No other air sealant forms a gasket between the lumber and drywall. See how it works.
  • Helps meet the 2012 IECC air-leakage requirements.
  • Quick installs at a significantly lower cost than traditional spray foam insulation.
  • Maximum protection and efficiency for the life of a home3. See more homebuyer benefits you can promote.

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EnergyComplete® proven results.

Blower door measurements were evaluated for 800 homes of a top builder, with a target of 5 ACH50 for each home1. Half of the homes were sealed with conventional caulk, and half with EnergyComplete®.

98% of EnergyComplete® homes passed.
Only 80% of homes sealed with caulk passed.
See how it works.

Conventional Caulk

Meeting the code.

The air-leakage standards in the 2012 IECC are much higher than they were in 20092, and three states have already adopted them. With more states and municipalities soon to follow. Putting EnergyComplete® Sealant into your new homes will keep you ahead of these changes.

Meeting the Code
  • Owens Corning EnergyComplete®
    Whole Home Insulation and Air Sealing System
    is NGBS Green Certified.
  • ngbs-green-certified
  • greenguard-gold