No other air sealant
creates a gasket.
Not a single one.

Seal right with EnergyComplete® Sealant.

The unique, flexible EnergyComplete® gasket is the right solution to meet stricter air leakage codes and the higher energy-efficiency demands of new homebuyers. Our portable machine makes it safe and easy to install.

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Going Beyond Insulated

The Science behind the gasket.

The building science experts at Owens Corning recently completed a comprehensive year-long study on air leakage. The study identified the trouble spots in homes where air sealing is most critical.

These key areas require a gasket to seal properly:
the top-plate-to-attic, duct boots and the garage-to-house common wall. EnergyComplete® Sealant is the only air-sealing technology that can do this.

Seal First, Seal Fast.

Creating the gasket.

The gasket technology of EnergyComplete® Sealant establishes a flexible, long-lasting layer between lumber and drywall. Exclusive to Owens Corning, it's a safe, high-performance solution that will last the life of the home4.

  • Continuous, complete coverage.
  • Adheres to lumber to form a seal between wood
    and drywall.
  • Penetrates framing and eliminates gaps for
    maximum protection.
  • More durable than caulk.
  • Protection against allergens and household pests
    as well1.
Seal First, Seal Fast.

Safe and easy to apply.

EnergyComplete® Sealant applies with our portable machine and foam applicator. All you need is an air compressor, 100 psi or greater.

  • Easy to set up — plugs into any standard wall socket.
  • Easy to maneuver — 50-ft. hose includes extension wand for ceilings and floors.
  • Helps you prep — air-only setting blows dirt and debris away.
  • Built-in heater — warms the sealant to work in as low as 20°F.
  • Control the flow rate — fast or slow, lays down a tight
    bead of sealant.
  • Safe to use — no need for expensive protective gear.

The low-expanding sealant penetrates cracks and gaps for maximum performance. It's even ICC-ES approved for use as a fire block and can be used around plumbing penetrations and electrical wireways. The machine is easy to clean, and the sealant requires no shaving.

Unlike traditional spray foam, EnergyComplete® Sealant does not require full-body protection or an external air-supply mask during application. Other trades can safely work alongside, cutting down on costly work stoppages and improving jobsite productivity.

Seal First, Seal Fast.

The final touch is EcoTouch® Insulation.

Complete the interior environment with the proven efficiency of EcoTouch® PINK® Fiberglas Insulation.

EnergyComplete® Sealant cures quickly so EcoTouch® Insulation can be installed in as little as 20 minutes after application. Like EnergyComplete®, EcoTouch® is engineered to be safe and easy to work with. When used together, they maximize the energy efficiency of a home.

  • Formaldehyde-free formula
  • 99% natural ingredients2
  • Minimum of 58% total recycled content3
  • Owens Corning EnergyComplete®
    Whole Home Insulation and Air Sealing System
    is NGBS Green Certified.
  • ngbs-green-certified
  • greenguard-gold